You People Are Stupid!

//You People Are Stupid!

Al Neri – May 8, 2017

You people are stupid.  Well, since you’re reading this, maybe not you specifically.  You’re a member of a small group (very small) of Americans who have realized we’ve been taken to the cleaners, so you might be exempt from my accusations.

This country started out with a very limited federal government.  Our Constitution is small.  Our government was supposed to be too.  It started out as states that were united, and somewhere along the line it became The United States.  A body unto itself.

We the people gave that early government the power to regulate and settle differences between states. We gave them the power to tax in order to fund that which benefited all.

And then it happened.  Those in government took those powers and rationalized their way into stretching them, giving themselves powers not authorized to them. And the people behaved stupidly and did nothing to stop it.  So the government did it again, over and over.  And the people did nothing to stop it.  How stupid are they?

Today the government is massive, and its tentacles numerous.  And nothing ushers forth from the people to keep it in check.

There’s an old newspaper comic strip that ran from ’48 to ’75 named Pogo.  A somewhat famous quote from the main character says “we have met the enemy, and he is us”.  We are our own worst enemy.   It is OUR fault the government is out of its lane.  It’s our fault we are burdened with regulation.  Government (in this country) has only the powers we allow it to have.  Silence is consent, and by not saying something when the government reaches too far, we endorse the overreach.  We allow it.  We encourage it to happen again.

Yep.  You people are stupid.  Don’t be angry at me for pointing fingers. I include myself among your numbers.

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