Who Are You Voting For?

//Who Are You Voting For?

Deborah Samson – June 05, 2017
Who are you voting for?

You don’t know? You think it’s too early in the year to think about it? You say it’s too early to talk with your local and state political runners?


Why not get with them now, and ask them where they stand on any issues you are concerned with. What about issues like:

Constitutional Carry

Second Amendment Rights

Abiding by their oath of office

Common core math… this is our future!

Term limits for Senators and Representatives

Alabama prison systems

Most everyone has a cell phone. Use it to your advantage. Talk with them, but make sure you  have it on record so you and everyone knows exactly where your Senators, Representatives, Sheriff, Judges, Superintendent of Education and so forth stand on all subjects.

Our politicians have a knack for telling us one thing and then voting differently! But with proof of what they say it will help hold some of them to the fire! Otherwise they can say you just misunderstood what they were talking about. Remember this isn’t just your future; it’s your children and grandchildren s future also!

Politicians don’t like it when it’s made public that they have sold their soul to the devil at our expense! But remember, they work for the people! We don’t work for them. We voted them in and us, as a group can vote them out!

When the men and women that are voted into office take advantage of it for personal gain that is unethical. When they “speak down” to the people like we are second class citizens and they are better than us, than that is unacceptable. When they don’t honor and/or uphold their oath of office, the United States Constitution or the state Constitution then that is un-American!

Only “We the People” can take our great state of Alabama back, and we need to do it sooner than later. The politicians have gotten by with so much for so long they believe they are invincible! They are not! They are not better than any law abiding citizen and most of the time they are corrupt and worse than any criminal. They hide behind people by calling them friends and call themselves Christians so you will look up to them, all the while they are shoving ghosts and goblins in their closet because they have sold their soul to the highest bidder.

Stand up for your rights, speak out and be that “squeaky wheel” so they know exactly what you want from them! It’s the only way we will get their attention and make them walk the line they should have never drifted away from.

Start researching and educating yourself on how they voted on all subjects, don’t listen to them when they say how they are going to vote on any subject. They will talk out of both sides of their mouth, they tell you what you want to hear and do what is going to be most beneficial for their “career”.

Start now, because waiting till later to see where they stand may just be too late!

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