What if you had to purchase a permit to speak, print, televise or post ANYTHING….

//What if you had to purchase a permit to speak, print, televise or post ANYTHING….

Deborah Samson – May 26, 2017

How many people would speak up and protest if they had to purchase a permit before they could speak, print, televise or post ANYTHING? What if you had to purchase a 1st Amendment permit because what you said or what was reported might not be true facts, and it could result

in rioting in the streets, destruction of other people’s property or even death. With these points in mind would it then be okay to make people purchase a permit?


Since rioting has happened, from the media’s “reporting” and telling of lies and only giving partial truths, do you not believe the government could and would use it to their benefit?

What about a 4th Amendment permit? The 4th says citizens cannot be forced to subject themselves to search and seizure without a search warrant and probable cause. So what if laws are passed by the people you elected that say to keep from having a search of your house, property or car you have to pass a background check each year and you must purchase a permit.

As law abiding citizens you would now have to purchase this permit to show you abide by the law. You say it can’t happen? Why not? It has already happened with the 2nd Amendment. Who will stop these elected people from doing this? If you haven’t helped try to turn this illegal practice around on the conceal carry permit, don’t you think these politicians believe they can get by with it on the 1st and 4th Amendment?

Law abiding people in Alabama have to purchase a conceal carry permit to show that they abide by the law and are law abiding citizens. Even though people that break the law are not even deterred by a death sentence if caught!

Even though the 2nd Amendment says it shall not be infringed, we have let the government encroach upon our rights and they have got away with it. So what is to say it can’t happen with any of the other Amendments?

Think about it. The ONLY Amendment that our founding fathers did not want the government to be able to take away, because they knew we would need this to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government, is little by little being infringed upon and taken away. When you read the founding fathers papers you get a picture that they knew without a  way for the citizens to defend themselves, the government would take advantage of the people.

Power corrupts! It did back then and it does even more so now!

The government has been chipping away at the 2nd Amendment. Once that is done it will be very easy for them to take away all of your unalienable rights that are in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. Why? Because you will have no way of defending yourself against them.

And as lawmakers, they will pass bills that they deem necessary to accomplish this! We must stand against them when they show their true colors. They will take advantage of you, by being the Trojan horse and calling themselves friend, leader and outstanding citizen, when in fact they are only a corrupt politician.

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