Through the looking glass… a closer look at Senator Bobby D. Singleton

//Through the looking glass… a closer look at Senator Bobby D. Singleton

Patience Wright – May 17, 2017

Could it really be that some of our elementary kids know more about our Constitution and Bill of Rights than our Legislators do? Even the Legislators that studied law? Then how is it, that some cannot answer simple questions about the Bill of Rights? Or even our United States Constitution?

Here is a look at Bobby D. Singleton – D (Greensboro) from district 24. He has a B.S. Degree in criminal justice, a Juris Doctor degree, owner of Black Belt Technologies and he is a consultant.

You would think with a degree in criminal justice and a doctoral degree in law, we would never hear Mr. Singleton say, and I quote, “ I’m tired of hearing about your Constitutional rights.”

Mr. Singleton, just because you are a Senator, these are not just “our” Second Amendment rights but yours, your children and grandchildren also.

How can someone who studied law not care about our U.S. Constitutional rights or the Alabama Constitution? You took an oath starting back in 2005 that said you would SUPPORT the U.S. and Alabama Constitution and do it FAITHFULLY, HONESTLY and to The Best of Your Ability.

“I, Bobby D Singleton, solemnly swear ….” and you held your hand on a Bible while saying your oath.

Have you forgotten what the words support, faithfully, honestly and to the best of my ability means? These are elementary spelling words, you should know their meaning.

Support – To reinforce

Faithfully – In a manner true to the facts or the original

Honestly – In a truthful, fair or honorable way

Best of my ability – To do something as well as you can


Since I’m talking about our rights, please Mr. Singleton show me in the U.S. Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Alabama Constitution or anywhere, where it says that voting is a right of the people. Another quote from you on March 1, 2017 says “Voting is also a right, but they don’t mind requiring people to show a photo ID to exercise that right.”

There are two points that need to be made here. One, if you don’t have a photo ID to vote with, the State of Alabama will issue you one for free. All other forms of ID are issued for other reasons and can be used for the voting process.

Drivers license – used to operate a motorized vehicle, not specifically for voting.

Passport – used to travel, not specifically for voting.

Federal Government Employee Card – issued for work, not specifically for voting.

U.S. Military ID – issued for military workers or contractors, not specifically for voting.

Tribal ID – issued for Native American ID, not specifically for voting.

Student/Employee ID – issued through college/university in/out of state, not specifically for voting.


Two, Voting is a privilege NOT a Constitutional right. If you are an American citizen, of age and a non felon, you can vote. But nothing in the Constitution explicitly guarantees our right to vote. The right to vote is so fundamental that most people assume it is already in the constitution.


But you, Mr. Singleton, should at least know some of the most basic information about our Constitutions and Bill of Rights. If you can do no better than to be arrogant and close minded about our rights, when it comes to the people who YOU work for, maybe it’s time to find another job. Going back to school and relearning what our founding fathers wrote and laid before us would be a good start.


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