State Representative Allen Farley to speak at the BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

//State Representative Allen Farley to speak at the BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

The BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference will be held February 11th 2017 at the Bessemer Civic Center in Bessemer Alabama. This year we are fortunate to have as one of our speakers Alabama State Representative and BamaCarry member Allen Farley.

Allen Farley has a lifelong record of public service, driven by his family, faith, and love for his community.  He spent 36 years in law enforcement, the last seven of which he served as the Assistant Sheriff of Jefferson County.

Allen attended Jefferson State Junior College and Jacksonville State University.  He also graduated from the FBI National Academy, in Quantico, Virginia.

Allen is actively involved in his community and formerly served as the Chairman of the Auxiliary Board of the Jefferson County Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center.  Through this experience and during his time law enforcement, he saw the many problems people face through addiction and poor life choices.  For this reason, as a state representative, Allen compassionately champions the cause for those less fortunate.

Allen and his wife, Muriel, have been married for 42 years.  They have three daughters and nine grandchildren with whom they enjoy much of their time.  They are also actively involved members of Hunter Street Baptist Church in Hoover.  Faith plays a major role in the Farley’s lives.

I know Allen personally and I have to say that his strong point is his faith in his Lord and his lovely wife Muriel who has stood with him through thick and thin. He has been a real testimony in Montgomery to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Representative Farley had this to say the other day.

“I’m a Christian Conservative member of the Republican Party. I come from a family of Law Enforcement Public Servants. Grandfather died at Bessemer Memorial Hospital from a gunshot wound when my mother was 12 years old. (He was a Constable and Police Chief in the City of Brighton, Al.) My dad retired from the Alabama ABC board after beginning his Law Enforcement career with the Alabama Highway Patrol. My brother Mark is a Captain with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office with over 30 years’ service.”

He went on to say.
“There is a huge difference between a Public Servant and a Politician. Public Service is a calling. Politics is a craft that too many people have become very good at. “

“I look forward to proposing a Resolution in the Alabama Legislature that will create a very diverse group of Alabamians to talk seriously about Alabama’s Gun Laws.”

Representative Farley speaks from his heart with passion and fervor. We will be blessed and challenged with what he shares with us.

Tickets must be purchased in advance for this event. You can get them by following the link below.

Click here to get your tickets.

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