SB 24, a constitutional carry bill has been pre-filed in Alabama for the 2017 session

//SB 24, a constitutional carry bill has been pre-filed in Alabama for the 2017 session

I believe in Constitutional Carry.  I do not believe that we should have to pay for an unalienable “right” that our Creator has given us and the Constitution is supposed to protect. Constitutional Carry is a step toward being able to exercise a natural right that has been infringed at all levels for far too long not only in Alabama but across the nation. I believe that people should not have to be photographed, fingerprinted, or registered before they can exercise their Second Amendment rights. Criminals certainly do not jump through these hoops. Can you imagine telling the press that they will now have to be finger printed and go through a background check and buy a permission slip from the government to exercise their first amendment right? There would be rioting in the street!
“The right to keep and bear arms is a constitutionally protected right, and if you have to pay the government and get permission for it, then it becomes a government granted privilege.”

Most Liberals, Progressives and Democrats including the Alabama Sheriff’s Association will argue against SB-24. Their reasoning is we should have permits because, well, they simply believe we should. There are no facts or logic to back up their position, just their feelings on the issue. This is common with anti-gunners. They want to roll back the Second Amendment because they believe it’s the right thing to do or that it will save lives or that it will make us all safer.  The impression I am beginning to get is that anyone in law enforcement above a patrolman would be just fine with no one having a firearm except police and military. The former sheriff of Montgomery County was very vocal about banning the AR-15 sporting rifle. It is almost as if for some strange reason putting more restrictions on my right and the right of other law abiding citizens’ will somehow make you and I safer. Yet the facts just aren’t on their side. I believe that two sheriffs recently got it right when they admitted that it was the money. There is simply too much money to lose that now comes in by the permit system. Can you say, “I want the money whether it is right or not”.

I marvel at some people that have praised our new president and his conservative stands on things like the second amendment. But these same men who praised President Trump are already crying and complaining about Constitutional Carry. Really, am I to believe that they are actually conservatives? Actually I believe they are having withdrawals from losing the control they enjoyed for many years. Prior to 2013 they and they alone determined who got a permit and who didn’t.
The people took that away. Then the confusion over open carry was cleared up. They retaliated by telling business owners that they had to put up no guns allowed signs. Then they began to print signs and pay county employees to deliver and put up these signs. What a waste of tax payer funds and I’m not sure it wasn’t illegal (see sections 36-25-23 and 36-25-5 of the Alabama State Code).

Why did they not put up guns allowed signs? Because it was obvious they acted in retaliation like the liberals are acting today nationally. And yes come February it will be the same dog and pony show. A large number of sheriffs will show up at the hearing driving tax payer paid for automobiles to lobby against the tax payer. I think there are laws forbidding this. Talk about a farce! They will once again put on a good show led by their leader who will make the same arguments he has made year after year. There will be a few speakers who will get loud applause when they say something that sounds good to them but they will never offer one constitutional reason to be against SB-24. Show me where it is constitutional to charge a citizen to exercise a right. They can’t. So honestly it is money or power or both.

All gun laws do are eliminate or make it harder for you to have a chance in defending yourself. More laws against personal carry will fix nothing.

Montgomery will be no different in 2017 than it was in 2016 or 2015 unless lawmakers truly acknowledge that the Constitution takes preeminence over everything including personal feelings, sheriff’s opinions and the arguments that do not pass constitutional muster.

I learned many years ago, do not listen to what they say watch what they do!

So I’m calling on the citizens of Alabama to “get involved” this year when the Alabama Session starts. Get off Facebook and let your legislators know how you feel. Remind them that they have taken oaths to protect both state and federal constitutions. Call your sheriff and encourage him to get behind SB-24 and do what is right! Keep checking back here and on any of the BamaCarry Facebook pages for how you can help when the time comes. And of course the first thing you can do to help is become a member of BamaCarry Inc. Dues are just $20.00 yearly. You can join by clicking here.

Six years ago five men formed BamaCarry Inc. There were maybe a hundred members on a Facebook site. Look at the above picture and now there are seventeen thousand plus members and supporters with chapters in many counties. These are voters. These voters know 5, 10 or 20 other voters. BamaCarry’s mission is to educate the people of Alabama as to their gun rights. Part of that education is making sure they know who stands for them when it comes to their constitutional rights. Daniel Webster said, “There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters, but they mean to be masters.”
We will no longer support that attitude by any elected official. Many said BamaCarry was a fad. Four years later we continue to grow. The Liberals never thought they would lose the national election and it would be business as usual. They were WRONG!

Latest copy of SB-24

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