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Good Gun Bad Guy 2


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Dan Wos just might have the winning ideas here. After all, what is the first rule of war? KNOW YOUR ENEMY. ~Jan Morgan, FOX News Analyst, NRA Certified Instructor Anti-Gunners are convinced that more gun-regulations are the answer to violent crime, but how is it that they are able to ignore the real causes of violence in America while relentlessly and obsessively focusing on the device that is sometimes used? Do they actually believe that guns make people do bad things or have they been programmed to naturally avoid the conversation of human-violence and what causes it? In Good Gun Bad Guy 2 we discuss the mind-set of those people who work hard everyday to restrict the rights of others for the purpose of satisfying their own needs and relieving their own fears under the guise of “keeping people safe.” If you’ve ever wondered how people can be diametrically opposed on the topic of gun-rights, this book will explain it. Is it political? Is it ideological? Is it something else? Have people been trained to fear guns and hate gun-owners? Why is it that Anti-Gunners can obsess over something they claim to despise? Good Gun Bad Guy 2 picks up where Good Gun Bad Guy left off and sheds light on areas of the conversation that Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals would like to keep in the dark. The things discussed in this book are a layer within the gun-conversation that is never discussed but are the root of the entire debate. Good Gun Bad Guy 2 digs into the psychological influence the media has over those who are unable to critically-think the topic of guns. This book explains how those who seek to make the country unarmed and defenseless capitalize on the lack of knowledge and fears of some among us. You will see how they manipulate the narrative before your very eyes.

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