Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale to speak at BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

//Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale to speak at BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference


We are honored to have Sheriff Mike Hale as one of our speakers at the 2017 BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference on February 11th.

Sheriff Mike Hale was born in 1951 in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a life-long resident of Jefferson County, and grew up in the Woodlawn community. Today he and his wife, Dianna, reside in the Clay/Trussville area

Together they have three grown sons and eight grandchildren.

Sheriff Hale has been in Law Enforcement for 42 years beginning at the Homewood Police Department in 1973. In 1976 he transferred to the Sheriff’s Office

He was elected Sheriff in 1998, 2002, 2006, 2010 and again in 2014.

Graduate of University of Alabama at Birmingham with BS in Criminal Justice

Graduate of the National Sheriffs’ Institute

Graduate of the FBI National Academy

Graduate of the FBI National Executive Institute

Former Chief of Police of the City of Pell City, Alabama

Former Manager of Security of St. Vincent’s Hospital

Past President, Alabama Sheriffs Association

Chairman of the Board, Alabama Sheriffs’ Youth Ranches

Member, Major County Sheriffs’ Association

Board Member, National Sheriffs’ Association

Member, First Baptist Church Trussville

Sheriff Hale has many accomplishments during his service to the county. The following are just a few:

Successfully fought to strengthen and change State Law to a felony crime when Convicted Sex Offenders violate the State Registry Laws giving Alabama the strongest law in the country in relation to convicted sex offenders. Sheriff Hale created an Identity Theft Unit and Computer Forensics Unit both of which are the first of its kind in our region. Sheriff Hale led the way back in 1999 when he created the Sheriff’s Office School Resource Division for County Schools to fight Domestic Terrorism. This was pre-Columbine and that Division has since been named a National Model for Law Enforcement Agencies across the country. Sheriff Hale is a charter member of the area Joint Terrorism Task Force led by the F.B.I. Sheriff Hale also serves as Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee.

From Sheriff Hale:

“I committed to you when elected that I would keep your neighborhood and schools safe, and I will. Although that is a tall order in a county covering 1160 square miles, and a population of nearly 1 million people, I am up to the challenge.

To keep our streets safe and our jails secure I have put more deputies back on the street and added increased supervision in our two jails. I will take advantage of trained, qualified, volunteers wherever feasible; like in our Chaplains Program and our Sheriff’s Reserves. I will be a wise steward of your tax dollars.

I have committed personnel to a Joint Anti-Terrorism Task Force to recognize, identify, and prevent terrorist acts like we saw in NYC on 9/11 from occurring in Jefferson County.

I have aggressively sought and received Federal Grant money to increase our School Resource Division by 10 deputies, so incidents like we saw at Columbine do not happen in our county.

I have put great emphasis on registering and identifying convicted sex offenders that may re-locate in our county. It is my responsibility to notify citizens in unincorporated Jefferson County when a convicted sex offender moves into their neighborhood. I will not fail you.

Identity Theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in our county. That is why I have created an Identity Theft Unit to combat this devastating crime that takes some victims years to recover from financially.”

Don’t miss hearing Sheriff Hale at the BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference on February 11th 2017.

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