“I felt like I was in Iraq, but without my weapon”

//“I felt like I was in Iraq, but without my weapon”


Deborah Samson – June 25, 2017

“I felt like I was in Iraq, but without my weapon” said Rep. Brad Wenstrap, R-Ohio

“We were like sitting ducks” was the description of the scene from Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Rand Paul also made the statement “Without the Capitol Hill Police, it would have been a massacre, sort of a killing field.”

These statements were said about the shooting that everyone has heard of at the baseball practice field at WDC. The killer got off 50 to 100 rounds during the attack even with police within 3 minutes of the field.

What if this was everyday citizens enjoying a baseball game on a sunny day, and the law said you couldn’t be armed, to protect yourself and your family, and the police were not within 3 minutes. How many people would have been injured or even killed?

Let’s take that gun free zone away and imagine you could carry a gun, open or concealed, for personal protection. Do you really think you would have to wait 3 minutes or longer for police to arrive? Don’t you think the shooter would have thought more about what he was going to do knowing he would have someone shooting back at him to stop him immediately.

Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Al. Made an awesome statement “The Second Amendment right to bear arms is to ensure that we always have a republic.” And then he gave examples of the First and Fourth Amendments also having “bad side effects of someone not exercising those rights properly.” And this should remind everyone that the government doesn’t try to take your first and fourth away just because of a bad scenario. But they will when it’s about the Second!

But Mr. Brooks started backsliding after those statements. Now he wants to introduce a bill where only Congressmen and women can carry in the DC area. Mr. Brooks you are a politician that works FOR the people. You do NOT have royal blood; you are NOT more worthy than the people you work for! Just because you are a politician, it does NOT give you special privileges! If you want your bill to apply to you and your colleagues then it should apply to everyone that is able to carry a firearm legally.

What you and your colleagues need to do is pass good pro-gun bills. NOT special bills for a particular group of people, or gun control bills.

Just remember if it’s good for you and your colleagues it should also apply to your constituents! If you don’t want it to apply to everyone then you shouldn’t have it either. And this doesn’t have to apply just to the Second Amendment.

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