Give me “literally” or give me death!

//Give me “literally” or give me death!


When I see what supposedly “learned men” have done to the literal interpretation of both scripture and the constitution I can see the similarities in both.  Just as liberalism and heresy crept into the true church it has also crept into our political system. As a young seminary student I saw what was beginning to take place within the church when liberal teachers began to question the Word of God and decide that certain interpretations of fundamental passages of scripture were now wrong and we needed new more modern interpretations. The truth is unsaved church members were looking for a way to justify their sin. After all, we need to fit in with this new world order way of thinking. No more literal interpretations.

Because this type of heresy wasn’t dealt with we are now seeing the results of it. Those results being that the fundamentals of Christianity have been challenged and many times compromised.

Liberals have done a good job on our constitution also, just as reprobated “professors” have done to the scripture. They have changed the meanings of the words in the document.

A good study of the actions of our founding fathers outside the words of the Constitution easily reveals that liberals are wrong. Most liberals are bending the rule of law in attempts to make it work in their favor. Just like the scripture written by men of old who were moved on by the Holy Spirit, the founding fathers wrote the Constitution with intent that it be simple enough for the average man at that time to understand. They further knew that lawyers would be scrutinizing and interpreting the document for many years to come. That’s one of the main reason all the “checks and balances” are entwined in our government processes.

The words of the second amendment “shall not be infringed” are simple enough for a middle school student to understand. Breaking down every word and phrase to change its intended purpose, like so many attorneys and judges have done for years, is NOT what the writers of the Constitution intended.

These new world order interpretations are why we have so many bad laws and precedencies in our system today. I believe that if the founding fathers were alive today and still serving in government and ANY law or rule came up to alter or infringe on the right to bear arms they would NOT allow it to proceed. The legal system is full of self-appointed interpreters who have decided that the Constitution must be interpreted by “learned men” just like the scripture is being done today. Just as God wrote a love letter to fallen man in a language that he could understand so also did the Founders write a document in the language of common men. The courts today may say different but that does NOT make them right. And just as “learned men” decided that believers were too stupid to grasp the truths in scripture without them interpreting for them so also have the “learned men” of this day decided we are too stupid to understand the true meaning of the Constitution. “You can’t take it literally” they say. Well they are the stupid ones not us.
The Supreme Court is the branch of government that claimed for their branch the authority to interpret the Constitution. Nowhere in the Constitution is the power to interpret the Constitution given to any of the three branches, the Supreme Court simply assumed it in Marbury v Madison. It has been accepted as a Constitutional power ever since that decision but that power does not come from the Constitution, it comes from the Supreme Court itself.

What the public is unaware of is that we are NOT operating as a free Constitutional Republic. We have not been for some time. Evidence of this has been shown time and again. The NDAA and PATRIOT ACTS, THE NSA! The truth is that the Founders were VERY clear on the 2nd. Their writings prove easily that the Constitution EXISTED to empower the PEOPLE and the government existed SOLEY to protect and preserve the rights of the people and only with the consent of the governed.

They believed that if we failed to keep the government honest and in fear of the people by cleaning house about every twenty five years, tyranny would certainly overcome the free Republic! George Washington was a big proponent of this view. One need only look at the battle of Athens to see the people cleaning house.

SCOTUS has gotten totally out of hand. It is “to interpret, and enforce or void, statutes when disputes arise over their scope or constitutionality.” Which means, when government tries to hoodwink the populace by making up laws that are unconstitutional, they (SCOTUS) have the authority to decide that it’s no good, or, on the flip side, they can decide if a law IS constitutional, BY COMPARING TO THE CONSTITUTION’s PARAMETERS! Even at that, it is a recommendation…not a law! That’s left to the legislators….period.

Just as there are NO inconsistences in the Word of God there are NO inconsistencies in the Constitution especially the second amendment, and no exceptions to free speech. The preamble establishes guidelines that the amendments are constrained by. The second amendment… A well regulated militia. The Founders had a clear definition of what well regulated meant and it does not mean that the government could enact “regulations” which the term was NOT used as it is today, and in fact the language was cooped for the purpose by lawyers to subvert the actual meaning, which the Founders called well regulated was well trained….. “being necessary to the security of a free state” – the FOUNDERS openly discussed the reason that the federal government existed was solely to PRESERVE AND PROTECT the liberties OF the people. The Founders realized and outwardly stated that the government CLEARLY was to fear the people not the other way around, and the necessary security they also openly discussed was for the states to be secure from federal over reach….which is exactly what is happening due to interpretations of “learned men” i.e.  judicial activists (includes all liars whoever they may be) that have violated their oaths by allowing these modern interpretations and modern definitions of , meanings that the Founders DID NOT mean and that is obvious to any who have read the letters they wrote to one another during this period. To ignore that content is to willfully disobey it. … ” the right of the people, (which IS the militia by the Founders definition) to keep and bear arms, “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” if there was any misunderstanding prior to this part, this part, so said several Founders WOULD BE THE SAFEGUARD!!!! Thomas Jefferson said he brought to us a Republic, if we could keep it.

LIBERALISM and PROGRESSIVISM, IGNORE COMMON SENSE! I have been posting daily almost for over four years quotes from the Founders that absolutely prove how simple the Constitution truly is and was meant to be.

But we will hear from a lot of Sheriffs who hate SB24 and we will listen to them and their spokesman who knows less about the Constitution than my 10 year old grandson. They will use “It’s the exceptions” that courts have ruled. We can infringe under certain conditions”. What exceptions? There are no exceptions after “shall not be infringed.” It simply moves on to the next Amendment. “Shall not be infringed” is an absolute statement. The SCOTUS has no power to create exceptions to an absolute statement. There are no exceptions, none, nada zip! Are we really this stupid? The SCOTUS authority is only to determine issues between the states and the federal government, not to rewrite or change the meaning of the Constitution! Case law and self-made decisions were never given any authority to change the meaning of The US Constitution! Judicial Corruption has done that!

The best the “learned men” have is case law which has been illegally used to undermine the Authority of the Constitution! No better example can be made than the Second Amendment! The word people, means people! The right of the people means people! People is not government, militia is private gun owners when used in proper context! Gun Owners made up militias during the American Revolution, it was not a national guard, it was a militia of private gun owners! Article V1 Supremacy of US Law , Clause 2 states in part ; Anything in The Constitution or Laws or Any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. All other law, national or state in conflict is null and void! Gun control is illegal law null and void and furthermore it also lacks proper Due Process of Law! No Citizen shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without proper Due Process of Law, a trial by a jury of his peers! , gun control laws have no jury trials making them double infringement and illegal because a Constitutional Right is above any and All administrative laws ! Constitutional Rights are the highest form of law. If we can interpret the laws properly, then SB24 will sail through both Senate and House and the governor will sign it. As long as legislators, lawyers and judges continue to infringe under the nonsense of common sense (as they define it) then they will remain judicially corrupt! They do not obey the Constitution!

Just as the Word of God can be understood easily if taken literally even so law can also. If written simply then the masses can read it and understand it at face value otherwise if it can’t be taken simply and literally then it should not be law. If it requires careful analysis by “learned men” just to be comprehended and ‘correctly’ applied then it is not of the people, for the people and by the people.

I told someone years ago that if “God didn’t mean what He said then why in the world did He not say what he meant”?  And I believe not only did God say what he meant so did the Founders!

Patrick Henry said, “Give me liberty or give me death”. Today as someone well said “give me literally or give me death”!

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