Focusing on what lies ahead

//Focusing on what lies ahead

As we go into 2017 continuing the fight to keep our gun rights secure and to work towards removing as many restrictions as possible from exercising that right the question bears asking, “What will it take to make you quit?” I ask this because I have watched a number of good people who started off in the fight grow weary and drop by the wayside and lose the fire and zeal that they started with. They say things like, “I’m going to continue the fight on my own”. I’m sorry, but I believe that is an excuse and you are not going to continue on your own. What will happen is the same thing that will happen to the lone wolves who claim that when the SHTF they will survive on their own. That also is a false assumption because sooner or later the lawless gangs and crazies will find you and they will kill you. The same thing will happen with gun rights. You will rattle your sword and type your posts but nothing will change because you are going up against a political machine….alone! There is strength in numbers; there is no strength in being alone. In BamaCarry there are numbers and those numbers are people and those people are the backbone of BamaCarry. I urge you to get back in the fight with fellow warriors.

We face some stiff battles this year. SB24, Constitutional Carry, has been prefiled. The Alabama Sheriff’s Association is already having meetings and calling for hearings to stop this bill before it gets off the ground. Simply stated this is not the time for lone wolves. BamaCarry needs your help. There are over 17,000 members on one BamaCarry Facebook page alone. There are no less than a dozen other BamaCarry pages on Facebook. Most are voters. Most know 5 or 10 other voters. I’ll promise you the things that politicians fear the most are voters. Every one of them in Montgomery need to know that not only do we vote, not only do we have influence over other voters but we are watching and making determinations not on what they say but what they do! It is my understanding that the NRA will be grading the voters this year.

So what will it take to make you quit? I hope you will join me and say NOTHING! Losing is not an option! I am not accustomed to losing! Can you say that? Can you say I am in the fight and I will stay in the fight until there is nothing left in me to fight? This fight is about what is right constitutionally and I believe also right before our Creator!

I encourage you to get in the fight if you haven’t already and if you are one of those who have grown weary in the past please get back in the fight. We need you. There are forces at work that want you to take your eyes off the prize. They want you to stop looking forward. They would have you live defeated as they are living after having thrown in the towel and quit long ago.

As the scripture teaches the church to do I’m asking everyone to do likewise, “run the race that has been set before us”! Run the race with patience, keeping your eyes on the PRIZE! Do not get caught looking to the sides of the running path! Do not get caught up in the influence of quitters and naysayers and those who never had the strength to be in this fight! Keep your eyes focused ahead looking to the prize! Put your influence into practice with your friends and loved ones!  We can do it this year, we can make a difference! Many of the opposition are saying we will be stopped because we do not have the influence. I remind you that millions thought Hillary Clinton  would be our next President. How wrong they were and how wrong the opposition is going to be this year in Montgomery! We have had enough of the Constitution being trampled on by men and women who say the ridiculous like, “We believe in the constitution…but”!

What you can do?

  1. Get your tickets to the Firearms Freedom Conference held this coming Saturday February 11. Come and hear the best speakers we could obtain this year. You’ll get your batteries charged I promise. You’ll be with like-minded individuals that are in the fight to secure the future of their children and grandchildren.

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  1. Become a member of BamaCarry Inc. Dues are just 20.00 per year. Each dollar goes 100 percent to the cause of gun rights and freedom. There are no expense accounts, no salaries, and most of the time little recognition to the men and women that have worked so hard. Membership is about one dollar and sixty six cents a month. That is a very small amount. Ten thousand paid members would be everything to BamaCarry Inc.

Become a member today by clicking here.

I do not know how many years I have done this but every morning at 8:00am, seven days a week and 365 days a year my phone reminds me that:

Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win

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