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America is changing. In the last forty years I have watched our country disintegrate from a Bible believing country into a cesspool of sin, willful ignorance of the Founding Fathers intent of the Constitution and an arrogance of leaders at both the Federal and State level that makes one angry.

Whether we admit it or not America will probably never be what she once was unless most of the people that run this country are voted out and the UN kicked out of America.

What I find amazing is the craziness of liberal thinking.
The gun-grabbers insist we should turn in our guns and rely on the police to protect us from crime. Yet the SCOTUS has ruled that the police are under no obligation to protect the public.

Gun control works exactly like they want it to. It takes guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens and leaves them unprotected. So criminals will have an easier time robbing and raping the public.

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Most of us know that you can get a pizza delivered faster than you can get LE to your door. I am not criticizing the police community. They are by all means over worked, under paid and while most officers I know would attempt to protect you, just remember, they do not have to! What am I saying? It is your duty to protect yourself, your family and your property! If we did this then perhaps police could “police” rather than spend so much time doing what I think is the ridiculous. While listening to the police scanner recently I heard an officer report back to dispatch that so and so “just needed someone to talk to”. Police are not psychiatrists and that is not their job.

I am utterly amazed at how some people think.  Many of us simply act as if “It will never happen to me”. “This kind of crime will never happen in our neighborhood”. Let me tell you, it can and does happen in your neighborhood and it will get worse as militant groups such as BLM and the NBP groups continue their push for destruction and chaos. The gang banger is already scouting and breaking in homes in rural settings and the nicer neighborhoods. They are finding that there is little resistance. It hasn’t been that long ago that a veteran was murdered in his front yard in a high end neighborhood not far from me as he left for work. And again, early afternoon, thugs drive into the driveway of an older couple. The husband was working in the garden and they forced him into the house and tied him and his wife up and robbed them and ransacked their home. This was close to where I live in an area where you would not have suspected it.


While liberal states are passing some of the most atrocious gun laws I have ever seen I have to ask myself, how long before the sane people in this country say enough is enough! These liberal wackos want to limit magazine capacity and wonder why we oppose. That is simple, when a SUV full of thugs come down my driveway and think they will take what is mine they will be met with my choice of firearms with 30, 60 or 100 round mags. Think about it. You have one firearm with a 10 round mag. How long can you hold out with six thugs who are each carrying 10 rounds or more?  Recently a State representative stepped out of his house to face the “black suv” and he realized immediately that the 380 Ruger LCP was going to be no match for a half dozen thugs. He told me that he realized that he was out gunned and out manned and it was a frightening thought.
If you were to listen to a police scanner, especially at night, you will get an idea of what really goes on that you never hear about. The number of burglary calls while the resident is at home is on the upswing.

That leads me to the fact that BamaCarry Inc. is introducing what we are calling, “Every Home Protected” or “EHP”.  What is it?
It’s a simple concept. That every home should be protected and if they were, home burglaries and invasions would turn out in favor of the resident, not the invader or the burglar. Also, by extension, the concept of every home protected should travel with us. It’s the opposite of what gun control people push for. Liberals push for EHD and EPD, Every Home Disarmed and Every Person Disarmed” but personally, I have seen what happens in countries where freedom is unrecognizable. I have seen people cower in fear as their means of defense has been taken from them. They watch in fear as they live and die at the mercy of their governments and criminals. Even here in the United States we see what happens to freedom in places like Chicago, DC, NYC and many others. Politicians want us to believe by being disarmed we are safer. I can no longer enter a hospital armed, so now I am not safe in the parking deck of Brookwood Hospital because I have to leave my firearm in the vehicle.  We need less restriction for law abiding citizens. We have heard Senator Mack Butler announce that he wants to do away with GFZ’s. We will see because we are going to push that and we will be meeting with him.

HomeInv2In the future BamaCarry will be posting articles here on how to protect and secure your home, how to make it as safe as possible. Things like panic rooms, safe places, home defense firearms, which is the best for you, i.e. pistols, shotguns and or rifles and non lethal devices. Articles on starting a neighborhood watch….that works. We will discuss all the latest “free” technology that is available to make it successful. We are looking at ways to offer both free and paid training classes in the future to different neighborhoods and those plans are forth coming. The bottom line…you are responsible for your family’s safety and yours, and BamaCarry wants to help. Self-defense is not about taking vengeance. Self-defense is not about punishing criminals. Self-defense involves preserving one’s own health and life when it is threatened by the actions of others.
Even if you do not own a firearm and have no desire to (yes there are people like this) we believe you will benefit so stay tuned. What it comes down to is that no one is responsible for your safety but you. Not law enforcement, not government and not your neighbor.


“Every Home Protected ” Get armed, get trained and never become a victim!

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