Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream….and so do I

//Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream….and so do I







When we look at the situations that our government has brought upon us today we see a striking similarity with what George III did to the early colonists. What happened with George is what has and is happening today all over America and especially here in Alabama. George had temporary periods of insanity when he seemingly couldn’t make a right decision and he would choose to further burden the Colonists and when he put into the play the four Coercive Acts he simply crossed the line and the Colonists said “no more”. Today Americans are saying “no more”!

The founders said George III and his actions brought on a “happy effect” in the country because it awakened the people and I think the idiocy of many decisions made by the anti-American Obama and his administration has also produced a “happy effect”. What do I mean you ask? Just as the founders and the colonists got fed up and took action so also have the conservative Americans of today and especially Evangelical Christians. We are seeing it today as these groups are on the move. They put Donald Trump in when the liberals laughed and made their snarky comments and now we are seeing the same attitude among the states.

Eighteen states are going for some type of Constitutional Carry this year. Twelve states already have Constitutional Carry. More and more people are being awakened and are fed up with the lies they have been told and the power that politicians and sheriffs THINK they have over their lives. Nowhere has the hypocrisy and lies been any more prominent than right here in Alabama. I have never ever seen such determination to keep the rights of Alabamians under the control of sheriffs and politicians. SB24, the constitutional carry bill introduced by Senator Gerald Allen should be a slam dunk with a supposedly super majority of conservatives. Yet what we have are men like Representative Allen Farley who can’t seem to decide which side of the fence he wants to play on.
He had rather waste his time with some type of task-force to study gun law rather than pass law that meets constitutional muster. I assume he prefers to dance with the devil rather than stand for the truth. I look forward to his retirement as he is a huge disappointment to gun owners in Alabama.

We have sheriffs who supposedly are conservative constitutional believers who showed their true colors and put on a show in Montgomery during the Senate hearing on SB24. To watch these sheriffs applaud the liberal anti-American senator from district 24 Bobby Singleton almost made me want to throw up. He is the one who said that “he was tired of hearing about constitutional rights”. He has no idea how tired patriots are of hearing his rhetoric year after year. His disgust for truth and his disdain for the constitution are well noted.

One sheriff stood for the constitution in that hearing and simply told it the way it is and the way every freedom loving American believes it to be. Sheriff Mike Hale made it clear. “It is wrong to make people to buy a permission slip from the government to exercise a right”! He believes, as the stats at this time point out, that it will not affect officer safety. He went on to tell me that his officers are professionals and treat every encounter as if that person is armed.

Sheriff Hale has taken a lot of abuse from his fellow sheriffs.
Before the sun went down the attack dogs were turned out to go after Sheriff Hale. It started with a ridiculous article by the “want to be reporter” Ricky Stokes. It was nothing but someone’s crude attempt to hurt Sheriff Hale. I doubt Stokes wrote it but rather think it was a poorly written childish attempt by a very immature sheriff (ghost writer) trying to get even. By the looks of responses from readers, what few read it or ever read the Stokes News Page, it didn’t work. Most saw it for what it was.

To my knowledge, Sheriff Hale has never uttered a harsh word about any of his fellow LE friends. He praised them at the BamaCarry State Wide meeting in February and made it a point to hold them all in high esteem. Yet some of them went as far as to want to remove him from the Alabama Sheriffs Association because he “went against the party”! And then like a juvenile Sheriff Walls of Marshall county who himself is no stranger to controversy wrote Sheriff Hale a letter and stated that he and several of his sheriff friends will no longer use the Jefferson Country training Academy. Why you ask? It is because these men care only about themselves, their power, their permit money and what Bobby Timmons tells them to do. I’m sure Sheriff Richard Mack, founder of the C.S.P.O.A. – Constitutional Sheriffs Peace Officers Association will be more than happy to welcome Sheriff Hale. These are your leaders! I am thankful I do not live in some of these counties. When you look at the problems that Stringer, Walls, Franklin and others have had one has to wonder. Certainly these counties can do much better.

Recently both Sheriff Oliver of Franklin county and Sheriff Gentry of Cullman county were spoken with. They have stated publicly that they are ok with SB24 and agree that it is constitutional. As Sheriff Hale said, 67 to 3…that’s not bad odds. Sheriff Hale is a real optimist.  I reminded him that following the crowd was usually the wrong thing to do. I guess we can call them the modern day 3 percenters. However, I believe they’re are more but they are fearful of the retribution they will endure but I have a feeling some more will come around in time. Sometimes the revelation of truth comes not without a price!

If I may borrow a phrase from martin Luther King. His famous speech “I have a dream” awakened Black America and thus began change. He had a dream that men would not be judged not by the color of their skin but rather by the content of their heart and that all men would be treated equal.

I too have a dream. I dream that once again one day sheriffs in this state will no longer follow the poor leadership of the Alabama Sheriff’s Association nor listen to the ramblings of politicians who are against the America we grew up with nor listen to the liberal philosophy of most Alabama Democrats.

I have a dream that one day the oaths that these men took will MEAN what it did when they originally took them and feel the pride that I and other Patriots felt when we took those oaths.

I have a dream that one day these sheriffs will no longer meet in Montgomery to fight against the citizens of this state while patting each other on the back and giving honor by applauding the idiocy of constitution hating liberal politicians while making themselves less thought of by doing so.

I have a dream that one day they will become strong leaders and realize that the strongest element of support that they have are the citizens that put them in office. We have their six.

I have a dream that one day the Alabama Sheriffs Association will become a beacon of light for law enforcement AND the citizens of this state and will stand together and be a beacon of light that points other states to the light of freedom and cooperation.

Yes, I have a dream and that dream is becoming reality in many parts of this country by others who hold the same dream. People like me, groups like BamaCarry and many other freedom loving groups ARE NOT GOING AWAY! So to all the modern day George III’s you have been served. Just as the early colonists were awakened so have we. It might not be this year and it might not be next year but your days are numbered. Constitutional carry is coming. BamaCarry has grown from 200 grass roots freedom lovers to over 18,000+ in four years. Most are voters and most know voters and BamaCarry is an educational group and guess who we are teaching……that’s right, voters.

I have a dream for gun rights in Alabama……and I will spend what time I have left seeing it come true!

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