Do not listen to what they say….watch what they do!

//Do not listen to what they say….watch what they do!

Kanoa Grace – May 10, 2017

The United States of America!

That has a great sound to it. But why are HER people not standing up and shouting to the roof tops?

There have been so many people who have fought, been injured or died trying to protect what our founding fathers left us. They had already experienced so much with an over bearing government, and didn’t want it to repeat itself. And this is why they took the time to pen the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

But look what we have now….two parties, Republican and Democrat, but really, in reality, only one. It’s sad, but I must say that we do not have but a handful, if that many, of true conservative republicans anymore and they are fading fast.

We have a lot of politicians, but no true leaders. Just in Alabama we have 35 Senators and 105 Representatives. Most of these people want you to believe and think they are leaders, Christians and outstanding citizens. But I must shake my head because we have NO true Christian leaders that I can see. We have people that are supposed to represent the people but really only represent their own interest and agenda’s.

A first class example is Representative Allen Treadaway, a RINO Republican in the Alabama House of Representatives. With him being the Chair of the Public Safety and Homeland Security committee he had the perfect opportunity to stand up for the people, his oath, the Constitution of the United States and Alabama.

And what did he do? Let’s just say he hid behind the coattails of the Alabama Sheriff Association (ASA) and put them first before the people of Alabama.

You see, Mr. Treadaway is a Police Captain for the city of Birmingham. This bill in his committee was for constitutional carry, which the ASA is against. They don’t want to lose their power and money. Since he is looking at getting a promotion with the department, if he let the bill reach the House floor and it passed, do you think he would have a chance at getting the promotion? In my opinion, NOPE, plain and simple. His superiors are well noted as being liberal democrats who are pro-gun control. He threw it into a subcommittee knowing it would die. So in essence he turned his back on his oath, the Constitution and the people of Alabama for personal political gain. On top of that it might have been a conflict of interest for him to begin with.

Is he the kind of person we need to have representing the people of Alabama?

Is he the kind of person we need to have deciding on bills that should become law?

Is he the kind of person we need to have as a role model?

I believe there is NO place for a RINO, (Republican  in name only), in the Republican  party. Either stay on your side of the fence and fight for us, the people, or let someone else have your position that will. Because if you, Mr. Treadaway, will not do the job you were elected to do, and keep special interest groups out, than we don’t need you! And we will show you this, at the next election!


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