National Concealed Carry Reciprocity is a Bad Idea for Gun Owners


Thursday, April 13, 2017 – Joe Randomguy

New legislation is moving through the United States Congress that would allow for nationwide reciprocity for concealed carry permits. This means that, if you have a permit in your home state, federal law would make sure […]

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Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream….and so do I







When we look at the situations that our government has brought upon us today we see a striking similarity with what George III did to the early colonists. What happened with George is what has and is happening today all over America and especially here in […]

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Give me “literally” or give me death!


When I see what supposedly “learned men” have done to the literal interpretation of both scripture and the constitution I can see the similarities in both.  Just as liberalism and heresy crept into the true church it has also crept into our political system. As a young […]

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SB 24, a constitutional carry bill has been pre-filed in Alabama for the 2017 session

I believe in Constitutional Carry.  I do not believe that we should have to pay for an unalienable “right” that our Creator has given us and the Constitution is supposed to protect. Constitutional Carry is a step toward being able to exercise a natural right that […]

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Jan Morgan (America’s First Lady of the Second Amendment) to speak at the BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

Few people have not heard of Jan Morgan of Jan Morgan Media. Patriot America loves her. Liberals and anti-gunners hate her. Having said that you will not see any concern in her eyes. The more hate speech liberals and anti-gunners dish out the stronger she becomes. She is a lady driven by a passionate love […]

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State Representative Allen Farley to speak at the BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

The BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference will be held February 11th 2017 at the Bessemer Civic Center in Bessemer Alabama. This year we are fortunate to have as one of our speakers Alabama State Representative and BamaCarry member Allen Farley.

Allen Farley has a lifelong record […]

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