BamaCarry 5th Annual Freedom Conference February 9, 2019

Lunch is provided with advance ticket purchase of $30 which can be purchased here ( or you can get a ticket at the event for $25 without a lunch. Door prizes which includes a few guns to give away and we will have a FFL onsite.

Please don’t delay getting your tickets. […]

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BamaCarry 4th Annual Freedom Conference February 10, 2018

Announcement!! Attention!!

This is the most impressive lineup of Speakers we’ve had to date! We are excited to present the 2018 BamaCarry, INC Freedom Conference!

Jan Morgan canceled many speaking engagements this year except for ours. See, meet and hear the next Gov of Arkansas!! Offer her encouragement, and financial assistance if you feel led. You’ll hear […]

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“I felt like I was in Iraq, but without my weapon”


Deborah Samson – June 25, 2017

“I felt like I was in Iraq, but without my weapon” said Rep. Brad Wenstrap, R-Ohio

“We were like sitting ducks” was the description of the scene from Senator Rand Paul, R-Ky.

Rand Paul also made the statement “Without the Capitol Hill Police, it would have […]

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What if you had to purchase a permit to speak, print, televise or post ANYTHING….

Deborah Samson – May 26, 2017

How many people would speak up and protest if they had to purchase a permit before they could speak, print, televise or post ANYTHING? What if you had to purchase a 1st Amendment permit because what you said or what was reported might not be true facts, and it could […]

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Through the looking glass… a closer look at Senator Bobby D. Singleton

Patience Wright – May 17, 2017

Could it really be that some of our elementary kids know more about our Constitution and Bill of Rights than our Legislators do? Even the Legislators that studied law? Then how is it, that some cannot answer simple questions about the Bill of Rights? Or even […]

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You do not have the right to bear arms, says an Alabama State Representative

Joe Randomguy April 28, 2017
I was fortunate enough or unfortunate enough to attend the public hearing on HB-414 April 26th, 2017. It was another carefully crafted plan to show a mass of force to beg lawmakers to please not take their (law enforcement) tool […]

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