Focusing on what lies ahead

As we go into 2017 continuing the fight to keep our gun rights secure and to work towards removing as many restrictions as possible from exercising that right the question bears asking, “What will it take to make you quit?” I ask this because I have watched a number of good people who started off [...]

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SB 24, a constitutional carry bill has been pre-filed in Alabama for the 2017 session

I believe in Constitutional Carry.  I do not believe that we should have to pay for an unalienable “right” that our Creator has given us and the Constitution is supposed to protect. Constitutional Carry is a step toward being able to exercise a natural right that has been infringed at all levels for far too [...]

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Jan Morgan (America’s First Lady of the Second Amendment) to speak at the BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

Few people have not heard of Jan Morgan of Jan Morgan Media. Patriot America loves her. Liberals and anti-gunners hate her. Having said that you will not see any concern in her eyes. The more hate speech liberals and anti-gunners dish out the stronger she becomes. She is a lady driven by a passionate love [...]

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State Representative Allen Farley to speak at the BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

The BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference will be held February 11th 2017 at the Bessemer Civic Center in Bessemer Alabama. This year we are fortunate to have as one of our speakers Alabama State Representative and BamaCarry member Allen Farley. Allen Farley has a lifelong record of public service, driven by his family, faith, and love [...]

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Author Dan Wos will speak at the 2017 BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

As we continue to introduce you to our speakers for this year’s conference we are really pleased to introduce you to author Dan Wos. Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician and NRA member. He is founder and President of three corporations–including House Detective Inc., a home inspection & appraisal company serving many markets [...]

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Beth Alcazar to speak at the 2017 BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

This year’s BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference has three first class ladies in the lineup. Jan Morgan, KrisAnne Hall and today let me introduce Beth Alcazar. I would be writing a book if I tried to detail all of this lady’s accomplishments for the cause of gun rights and training primarily women in the proper use of [...]

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Radio personality Michael Hart to speak at the 2017 BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

With an exciting list of speakers this year at the BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference we are excited to have Michael Hart on that list. Michael is no stranger to Alabamians. He has become one of the stronger second amendment proponents in the state. Everyone loves a “comeback story” and Michael certainly has one. Thirty years [...]

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Jefferson County Sheriff Mike Hale to speak at BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

  We are honored to have Sheriff Mike Hale as one of our speakers at the 2017 BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference on February 11th. Sheriff Mike Hale was born in 1951 in Birmingham, Alabama. He is a life-long resident of Jefferson County, and grew up in the Woodlawn community. Today he and his wife, Dianna, reside in the Clay/Trussville [...]

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BamaCarry of Tuscaloosa “Operation Christmas 2016” Jean Browning Maternity Home

BamaCarry members Paul Arnold, Eddie Fulmer, Mike Ramsey, Ray Causey, John McDonald and District Attorney Hays Webb made a special house call Monday night. BamaCarry of Tuscaloosa started “Operation Christmas” 2 years ago to help out a mother in need that was not going to be able to give her kids a Christmas. The members [...]

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Meet KrisAnne Hall

February 11th 2017 BamaCarry will hold its annual Firearms Freedom Conference at the Bessemer Civic Center. We will have some excellent speakers that we will tell you about in the coming weeks. One of the featured speakers this year will be KrisAnne Hall whom I have followed for years.  I cannot say enough about this lady. [...]

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