Beth Alcazar to speak at the 2017 BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

//Beth Alcazar to speak at the 2017 BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

This year’s BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference has three first class ladies in the lineup. Jan Morgan, KrisAnne Hall and today let me introduce Beth Alcazar.

I would be writing a book if I tried to detail all of this lady’s accomplishments for the cause of gun rights and training primarily women in the proper use of firearms. Beth spoke last year at the 2016 conference and was immediately recognized as someone who believes in what she does. When members were asked whom they would like to hear this year Beth’s name was right up at the top.
Beth’s bio includes:

Senior editor at the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA)
USCCA certified training counselor
Certified chief range safety officer (CRSO)
Sig Sauer Academy certified pistol instructor
NRA certified instructor, pistol
NRA certified instructor, “Refuse to be a Victim”
Certified instructor for the Well Armed Woman (TWAW)
TWAW leader, Trussville chapter
Member of the 2015 TWAW Shooting Team

She writes a regular column for the USCCA “Pacifers and Peacemakers” and has used her writing skills for other organizations i.e. the NRA. While Beth is a skilled writer what sets her apart from the average pro second amendment writer in my opinion is this. She is a story teller. Her unique ability to blend stories of life’s ups and downs and apply them to daily living is a trademark she owns. She truly has a gift that will keep one wanting more.

Beth says concerning herself,

“I’m a wife, a mom, a communicator, a geek, a word nerd, a lover of life, and a perpetual learner.”

Although Beth writes for the United States CONCEALED CARRY Association I believe I have seen her more than once OPEN CARRY a beautiful Kimber Black Onyx.

She and her family live in Alabama and both her and husband Sean are members of BamaCarry. We are honored to have this couple represent BamaCarry and extremely honored to have Beth speak this year. Don’t miss your chance to hear this lady and for a preview of what you will hear click the link below.
Beth Alcazar September 2016

Great things are coming to Alabama and Gun Rights so you do not want to miss this conference.
Tickets are on sale now and must be purchased in advance. Don’t wait! Purchase your tickets now by clicking the link below.

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