BamaCarry of Tuscaloosa “Operation Christmas 2016” Jean Browning Maternity Home

//BamaCarry of Tuscaloosa “Operation Christmas 2016” Jean Browning Maternity Home

mc9_1573BamaCarry members Paul Arnold, Eddie Fulmer, Mike Ramsey, Ray Causey, John McDonald and District Attorney Hays Webb made a special house call Monday night.

BamaCarry of Tuscaloosa started “Operation Christmas” 2 years ago to help out a mother in need that was not going to be able to give her kids a Christmas. The members came together and in 2 weeks had raised money, a Christmas Tree, food and other items which we took over to her and presented to her, she was in awe of the help of others (mostly strangers) that came together to help her give her kids a Christmas. The next year we were able to help 2 families in a similar situation, but this year we were looking for someone really special that really needed our help. We had asked around and was told about the Jean Browning Maternity Home.

The Jean Browning Maternity Home was opened up in the Spring of 2005 by Vicki Avery, wife of Dennis Avery which is the Pastor of Victorious Life Church located in Fosters, AL. The facility can accommodate six minor girls and provide private schooling and other social service. At this time, they had 3 young ladies along with a house mother. Several of us went down and talked with Dennis Avery and his wife Vicki to find out if the mother might be in need of help for Christmas. We were told that they had prayed for someone to help out just the other day, and low and behold the Armed Angels of BamaCarry answered their prayers.

We had been collecting money and other items for some time that we could gift the mothers to make their Christmas a great one. As the day of the gift arrived, we had raised enough to give each mother along with the house mother $500 and gave the ministry 2 gift cards and money that came out to $100.00 to help out with any items the home may need.mc9_1569

We had 5 pizzas that were donated by a local Domino’s Pizza. Our plans were to come to the house while the mothers were there. They were told we were bringing them supper as a gift from BamaCarry of Tuscaloosa. Once we were there and sat the pizza out on the table along with paper plates and drinks that were brought, we told them that we had something else for them. We had 4 envelopes that we handed the young mothers and asked them to open them. There was $500.00 in each envelope.  The look on their faces when they realized that their Christmas was taken care of made it worthwhile. Although they said they were blessed I would have to say it was us that was blessed by knowing we helped them during a time of need and was really appreciated.
One of the mothers hadn’t made it home yet so she no doubt was pleasantly surprised when she did arrive home.

To quote Eddie Fulmer “Helping someone who can never return your generosity, is the true meaning of a gift”

God gave us His greatest gift when He gave us His Son. This is the true meaning of Christmas. May God bless the Jean Browning Maternity Home and the great work that they are doing.

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