Author Dan Wos will speak at the 2017 BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

//Author Dan Wos will speak at the 2017 BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference

As we continue to introduce you to our speakers for this year’s conference we are really pleased to introduce you to author Dan Wos.

Dan Wos is an American entrepreneur, author, musician and NRA member. He is founder and President of three corporations–including House Detective Inc., a home inspection & appraisal company serving many markets across the United States ( He is also an active real estate investor.

Dan has been a musician since the age of 9. He has toured extensively throughout the United States in live bands and has many published works to his credit, including the 2000 Iron Cat records release U.S.Bandit by U.S.Bandit, the 2006 Iron Cat Records release Voodoo Man by the Dan Wos Project and the 2014 book Defining Success in America published by Iron Cat Publishing and Balboa Press. Some of his music has been featured in TV shows, commercials and on radio in many countries around the world.

Dan frequently speaks in educational presentations on a variety of topics. He continues to record music, write books and write commentary for blogs and websites.

One might ask what Dan’s connection is to BamaCarry. Well, Dan is an avid second amendment supporter and wrote the book “Good Gun Bad Guy” (Behind the Lies of the Anti-gun Radical). Fox News analyst Jan Morgan wrote the forward
(  to the book and introduced BamaCarry to Mr. Wos.

I can’t say enough about his book. In it Dan takes you into the mind of the Anti-Gunner and reveals all the things they hoped you would never find out. You will learn the tactics used against gun owners to further the anti-gun agenda and mislead the public.
Pro-Gunners will benefit from this book because they will gain a window into the minds of those who want to see their rights taken away. Anti-2nd Amendment Radicals will not like this book at all, as it shines the light of truth on them.

Dan says, “If Anti-Gun Radicals put their money where their mouth is they would march through the south side of Chicago with their picket signs demanding that the bad guys hand over their guns. Instead, they rally in the suburbs with the hopes that the media will spread their message in a way that won’t put them in any danger.

The BamaCarry Firearms Freedom Conference will be held February 11th at the Civic Center in Bessemer Alabama. Tickets must be purchased in advance. You may purchase them by clicking on the link below

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