Anything Can Happen at a BamaCarry Meeting

//Anything Can Happen at a BamaCarry Meeting

Bring a hundred and forty + people together for a BamaCarry meeting and I tell you anything can happen. The July monthly meeting in Tuscaloosa was no exception. There were as always excellent speakers including Senator Gerald Allen and also Mayor Bruce Wade of Lake View Alabama.

Both men brought excellent talks. Senator Allen spoke on SB14 and how he hopes to get it passed during the special session with the help of BamaCarry members making calls to our representatives. Mayor Wade of course confirmed what had been circulating on the internet. He did indeed sign an executive order making it ok for law abiding citizens to carry a handgun in any of the city owned building’s and properties.

After these men finished up with a healthy applause from a great group of men and women Paul Arnold had one more surprise left for the group.

Watch the short video to find out what it was…..




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