Once in a while you meet people that are down to earth, sincere in their beliefs, and simply nice people. That is the only way to describe the owners of

AllGunTalk was first conceived in 2001 when a group of gun owners, buyers and vendors had become tired of being charged a percentage or fee for every action on other auction sites. The final value fees of particular auctions were prohibitive to small dealers who had small profit margins. The individual sellers were discouraged with the fees as well. It was decided to build a site that was responsive to the little guy and addressed the problems of the average gun enthusiast. Thus AllGunTalk was born to meet the needs of the little guy and to also have a place (forum) where buyers, sellers and firearm enthusiasts could come together and talk., an online gun auction and discussion board, went in live in August 2014. After a few months a store site was added with over 40,000 items and growing. The AllGunTalk (AGT) Online Store was added for the same reasons as the auctions, to keep prices to the point that the average person could still afford the shooting sports. The AGT staff was deeply concerned at the erosion of the 2nd Amendment rights in this country. Therefore, it was decided to find a 2nd Amendment group that best reflected the stance of AGT and its members. BamaCarry is such a group. The larger gun groups were good and served a purpose but did not seem to represent the passion and no compromise position that reflected the AGT members’ wishes. BamaCarry did.

“After a few months a store site was added with over 40,000 items and growing”


AllGunTalk was created for its users by taking the input from the users into consideration. Above all, AllGunTalk was created to give everyone a fair, honest and secure site on which to do business. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our user base and try to represent the gun buying public in an honorable, honest and forthright manner to the best of our ability. AllGunTalk was formed to make the shooting sports available and affordable to all. With the help of Kelly McMillan of McMillan Group International/Fiberglass Stocks, AllGunTalk went live with press releases to all the major shooting sports publications.

We have kept prices at a bare minimum as a way for the service to be affordable for all who wish to utilize it. A list of fees or prices can be found on our website. A brief overview and explanation of the prices is as follows:

– A one dollar verification fee is charged upon registration as a way of attempting to prevent unwanted participation on the site. It was the our intent to keep “dead beat” bidders from artificially running up bid prices, then failing to follow through with the purchase causing sellers re-listing fees and to hopefully keep “trolling” by anti-gun groups to a minimum. The classifieds, fixed price sales and auctions are free except for the extra add on features such as being placed on the scroll etc.

The principals in AllGunTalk are Matthew McKinney of Alabama, Steve Walker of Florida, and Paul McKinney of Alabama. Any or all of these people can be reached through the site’s support contact page.

The images below give you an idea of the many categories that AllGunTalk offers in their online store. They have you covered. From outdoor recreation to firearms, they offer you a really nice choice of products.

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