Alabama Rest Area “No Weapons” Signs Are Being Removed

//Alabama Rest Area “No Weapons” Signs Are Being Removed

BamaCarry, INC. would like to thank Gov. Bentley for doing the right thing concerning “No Weapons” signs at our rest stops and welcome centers. BamaCarry, INC. and its members have been in the battle to get this corrected for some time now. We’ve filed complaints with the AG and had several meetings with him concerning the illegal signs. In a face to face meeting I personally communicated to Gov. Bentley that BamaCarry felt these were illegal and ALDOT blamed him for having them put up. He told me he didn’t even know there were no weapons signs at the rest stops, but he would check them out.

BamaCarry, INC., and its members, were the catalyst that carried their removal to fruition!! BamaCarry, INC. has been happy to work with informing their reporters of these breeches of authority by people in authority who in turn helped get the word out to citizens who burned up ALDOT’s phones and the Governor’s phone. This is a great victory for the Citizens of Alabama, especially those who value freedom and liberty. A government who wants to disarm their citizens goes against everything our founding fathers intended. Let our fight to restore our rights here in Alabama not stop here. There’s plenty of work to do. We will do a short “victory dance” and then get started correcting the other restrictions our lawmakers have placed on the law abiding citizens of our great state.



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