A BamaCarry member starts a unique ministry “Matthew 5:9 Project”

//A BamaCarry member starts a unique ministry “Matthew 5:9 Project”


We love getting to know BamaCarry members and learn more about them in a personal way. It is always great to see members and supporters of BamaCarry doing things on their own that make a difference in people’s lives. One of these members is Paul Trammell.

I first met Paul at a BamaCarry meeting in Shelby County. Sheriff Mike Hale spoke that night. I did not know at the time that Paul was a Christian but later learned that he not only is Christian but is very active in serving the Lord.

Paul told me that sometime back he had become frustrated at the “war on police” by the media, certain politicians and some political groups. Paul said that he had this desire to do something to make a difference in the lives of police officers and to be able to let them know that we stand with them. Paul came up with an idea to have a bracelet made that he could pass out. The bracelet is inscribed with a portion of Matthew 5:9 which says, “Blessed are the peacemakers…”


His idea was to interact with LE wherever he could and not only present them with a bracelet but to shake their hand and let them know that he was praying for them and their safety everyday while on the job. He said when he started this he never imagined anyone getting involved but him but upon seeing how LE responded he knew he should make this available to everyone that wanted to participate.

Paul knew he was on the right track when he said he gave a deputy a bracelet early one morning. He said she was very receptive. Later that day he saw a picture of the bracelet on a Facebook page and this deputy had taken a picture of the bracelet and was relaying how a stranger had approached her and offered a bracelet with a scripture verse on it, thanked her for her service and said he would be praying for her safety. She went on to say that she had had several bad days that week and this had to be God’s way of cheering her up. Paul said when he read this he knew he must get more people involved. Thus the Matthew 5:9 Project was born.

Paul first shared his ministry with his Sunday school class and several were eager to get involved. Testimony that has returned from all that are giving these out has been 100 percent favorable. Officers in Hoover, Birmingham, and Jefferson County have been reached so far. Recently Sheriff Mike Hale of Jefferson County met with Paul and thanked him for doing what he does and encouraged him to keep up the good work.

Visit the Matthew 5:9 Project Facebook page. It is catching on quickly and it is wonderful to see the testimonies of both law enforcement officers and the people that hand these bracelets out interacting and telling their stories. I know that several BamaCarry members have wanted to help out and are doing so by paying for quantities of the bracelets to help make them available for free to those who will use them.

BamaCarry is honored to have great members like Paul Trammell who took an idea and turned it into a ministry.


A Deputy Displaying Her Bracelet

If you would like to help with the Matthew 5:9 project by passing out wrist bands, shaking an officers hand and letting them know you are praying for them then please visit the Matthew 5:9 Project on Facebook by clicking here.

Testimonies from officers:

“I appreciate what you are doing Paul! I got my band from your brother at church.”

“A Nice Lady at my church,  saw me last Wednesday night as she was heading out the door and said “Have a good evening.” I politely replied. Then I noticed her walking back towards me. As she reached me she took the Matt. 5:9 Band off her wrist placed it on mine and said. “I appreciate you.”

I love it! It’s the little things that U hold near n dear to you”

“Thanks Paul Trammell I would like to buy some to give to my co- workers”


Sheriff Mike Hale Thanking Paul For His Work

The Matthew 5:9 Project is a ministry to lift the spirits of our nation’s peace officers through prayer, a handshake, and the gift of a small blue wristband. The wristband is a reminder for the officers that the people they serve, appreciate the job they do and pray for their safety each and every day. Please join us.

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